FAQ/Candle Safety

Wooden wicks are great - not only are they eco-friendly, they add an enticing crackle when lit, they can also be a tad high maintenance. Here's a few tips, tricks & FAQ to ensure the longest and best burn on your candle.

Tips & Tricks:

My candle won't stay lit:

When using wooden wicks they can become thin and ashy, when cool, simply break off the ashy ends and allow the candle to burn on a thicker part of the wick. 

Ensure to have candle lit for at least 1 - 2 hours on the first burn to allow melt pool to reach the ends of the jar - this will help avoid tunneling and wax waste on your candle. Do not have candle lit for more than 3 hours, burning for too long can cause smoke to appear as the candle wick is too hot and causing the wax to burn too hot. 

Help! My candle is smoking:

Under ideal conditions your candle will be smoke free. However, any candle has the potential to produce smoke and soot if not burned properly. 

Do not place your candle in a drafty area - hallway, near a fireplace or ventilation system. 

Help! My flame is unusually large:

If you've used all our tips and tricks and have noticed the flame to be unusually large please discontinue use and email elliscandlecompany@gmail.com

My candle won't stay lit:

Break off burnt and ashy bits of the wick, when completely cool, and relight on thicker part of the wick. The wooden wicks are only required to be 1/4" long to have the perfect burn and crackle!